Things to do in London

There can be many phrases to describe London and what it holds – history, business, people, education to name a few. But one phrase can also be added and that is dream destination. It is everything that people look for; popular, beautiful, interesting, and historical and contains loads of activities. London is the capital of England and also the most populated city too. It is also one of the most visited sites.

London has a lot to offer. A range of arts to discover, a long history that dates back centuries and connects many countries, a lot of eateries, a variety of people but most importantly it helps you enjoy in every way you wish to.


  • A visit to Buckingham Palace is a must if one visits London. Built in 1703, this magnificent place a home to royalty since 1837. It is safe to say that some of the most important decisions of history were made here. What’s more is that it makes an excellent attraction with various exhibitions inside, like the Queen’s wardrobe that very famous to the arts in the palace like of Rembrandt and Vermeer.
  • The best activity for London is to actually discover the place on your own. You can easily get a bicycle and discover the place with the help of locals and a map. From visiting the Big Ben, to Trafalgar Square to the extraordinary small cafes that give the best refreshments. A discovery of London may end up as the discovery of self.
  • The most obvious and English thing to do when in London is to visit theater. London has been the center of many artistic houses from novels to stories and film and the essence of it all lies in theater. The Broadway and plays of London are extremely popular. From Shakespeare to original productions – the variety is endless.
  • Kew Gardens also make a great attraction for people. Not famous to people, it is a UNESCO heritage site which spreads to 120 hectares. The gardens are filled with botanical wonders. The best bit about the gardens is that it is very informational and has a small tourist hop-on train too.
  • The London Eye is the most obvious choice of visit for anyone who visits London or even lives there. The London Eye is extremely well known for the city’s celebrated New Year’s Eve fireworks display. The capsules provide a lot of information about the famous landmarks of the city, and goes slow that completes one round in 30 minutes. Visitors rank it as a great attraction in the city.
  • Madame Tussauds is an ultimate place for a fun-filled day. As the most prestigious wax museums in the world, the place is home to figures of the most celebrated and famous people around the globe; from The Queen to Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson to Kate Winslet and even Shahrukh Khan. Even fictional characters like Batman and Superman are a part of it. People spend the time taking pictures and exploring these almost real live figures.
  • The UK car brand Mini has a production site close to London. It is possible to do a visit at the plant in Oxfordshire.