Driving routes not to miss on a road trip in the UK

While the busy cities and popular tourist attractions can seem a little crowded on a road trip in the United Kingdom, there is always somewhere nearby to escape the noise. For this reason, having access to a car is priceless and an easy way to reach lesser-visited parts of the country for which England, Scotland, and Wales are best known. With that said, here are some of the best driving routes to make part of your travel itinerary when taking a road trip into the countryside:

Best driving routes for a road trip in the UK

Snake Pass, Peak District (England)

Living up to the name, Snake Pass is a winding road in the Peak District and often considered one of the most rewarding drives in the United Kingdom. Featuring awe-inspiring views of the countryside, the drive down into Glossop is nothing short of breath-taking and a nice prelude to the scenic road ahead. While the roads on Snake Pass are not advisable during bad weather conditions, the area is easily accessed from the nearby cities of Manchester and Sheffield.

Black Mountain Pass (Wales)

The Brecon Beacons is arguably the most famous National Park in Wales and home to a truly memorable drive through the most majestic mountains. Climbing and twisting through the Black Mountains, the roads here are immaculate with the only real danger being the rather spontaneous sheep that seem hell-bent on crossing the road any time a car is approaching. Although there are random speed cameras at the highest point, the mountains are very isolated, and it is often a case that it can feel like you have them all to yourself.

Selkirk to Moffat – A708 (Scotland)

Travelling alongside St Mary’s Loch, away from Selkirk, and into Yarrow Valley, you can begin what is known as the Scottish Borders Drive. Featuring a collection of tiny villages in between empty, barren mountain landscapes, this is possibly the best road trip in Scotland to become acquainted with the locals and rural life in the UK. In fact, the area is owned by the Scottish Trust, such is the importance of this cultural region, and with so many nature trails, birdlife and glorious scenery, it is easy to see why the locals are more than happy for this region to be protected so vigorously.

A686 – Penrith to Hayden Bridge (England)

Last but by no means least is the A686 in England. Starting out in the largely unassuming Penrith, this is a rather bland name for what is an exceptionally beautiful drive. Through dense forest and the charming village of Melmerby, the road begins in quite a subtle way before rising to the very top of Hartside Mountain. At the top, you will find a café to accompany the views and a very steep road down the other side. However, the next section is possibly the most impressive with unobstructed views from Alston to Hayden Bridge, which is the official end to this epic drive.

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